How might we improve the age old stethoscope design, that lacks basic smarts and isn't compatible with our modern, interconnected devices?

My stethoscope is large and bulky
Uncomfortable to wear and use over long periods of time...

It's not easy to hold and keep in the coat...
In a noisy place it is not sound sensitive

Many times I want to store the recording as a record of the patient. None of the stethoscopes enable me to do that.

For a patient's home use they'd like an aesthetically appealing stethoscope device that feels like using your phone.

Steto is An IoT connected full feature stethoscope whoes design compels human-to-human touch. Steto's design locus is the finger loop, inviting the user to freely handle and fidget with it.

Dr. Kagal

"Steto is a very interesting concept and I'd love to use it in my clinic. The size seems good and I prefer the soothing and subtle green color." 2020 ©