Shreyans is a multidisciplinary designer whose work spans from health to technology and human computer interaction. He is equipped with meaningful experience in designing digital interfaces for companies as well as mass users through the App Store.

His undergraduate background in electrical engineering, environmental and space science, has given him an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. His natural creativeness and desire to apply engineering and science to problems, through user centered design, has drawn him to industrial design.

Shreyans' design process is being shaped by his time at the Rhode Island School of Design where he is pursuing a Masters in Industrial Design.

Shreyans' CV

2 College Street, Providence, RI 02903

'Solar Journey' takes you on a fascinating virtual tour of our solar system's extraordinary planets. The user interface is carefully designed to guide the viewer in learning about the characteristics of planets, their key parameters, and viewing high resolution images where available. Having this data in one app will help university students as well as enthusiasts in satisfying their thirst for knowledge and curiosity. The app covers a significant portion of space and planetary science curriculum of freshman year of college. In addition, the app offers short quizzes based on the content, helping users review the subject matter and remember key information.


This app uniquely incorporates college level planetary science content into an interface that is intuitive and delightful. Many of the other apps, in this area, display standard description and facts, and fail to challenge users through quizzes. Educational apps with features that satisfy curiosity and spark the imagination are used more often than those which fall short. Satatistics for this app shows that users return to it often and thus may be finding it useful.


Planetary science review from college

Planning, UI sketching and storyboarding

App development using Xcode

Iterative testing and publish

UI sketching and implementation planning.
Planet description and parameters.
Quizzes to review content.
Collection of stellar images.