From Vexing to Vogue

May 2018, Providence, RI

Why medicines are so cumbersome to manage?
Why does the curve of adherence taper off?
Can medicines become less menial and burdensome?

Over half of the medicine consumers in the US fail to adhere to longterm medicine regimens (WHO, 2003). Assistive products fail to consider user routines, and make the entire process monotonous and menial.

Having helped his own parents manage their medication, Shreyans carefully considered user needs, medicine packaging and existing assistive solutions.

Shreyans designed an automatic pill dispenser that delightfully releases prescribed medicines, of the right dosage amount at set times. Medication is loaded from the top of the conical container. This product hopes to alleviate the stigma surrounding consuming medication by taking pills out of medicine cabinets and into a more desireable pill dispenser that better fits in the indoor environment.

In designing and building this device, Shreyans used his abilities in sketching, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and electronics.

  • International Design Award, 2018
    Home Interior Products