Redefining Identity

Sep 2018, Providence, RI

What it means to redefine the identity of an established brand, adored by millions?
What are the iconic elements that molded the company as a brand in the first place?
How does one reconcile the new with the old and familiar brand characteristics?

Amul is arguably India's most famous brand, and has been, for more than 75 years, offering amazing quality dairy products and has held enormous brand equity among urban as well as rural consumers. While the taste and variety of its products has changed, the design elements of their packaging and story have not. Moreover, their products do not share a common identity.

To design a contemporary facelift for Amul, it's identity and packaging, Shreyans dug deeper to learn about the Amul history, it's mission, values and ethics. Old and recent marketing campaigns were also looked at and deciphered.

Shreyans came up with a series of design shifts that included reaffirming but focusing in on the iconic 'A' in the logo, using harmonious colors and fonts acorss product categories and simplifying the graphics without loosing the playfulness of the marketing of the iconic brand.

Shreyans used tools that include sketching, Illustrator, and Dimensions. This presentation was shown to Amul executives, and was well appreciated.