A Bedside Intervention

May 2019, Providence, RI · Part of Master's Thesis (RISD)

What is the psychology of our phone use?
Are we using technology or is technology consuming us?
How does it affect our routines including sleep?

We spend about 3 hours each day on our phones. While technology enables us to do more, it's overuse is beginning to show negative effects on our sleep, psychology & relationships. Phones have become overly insistent & demanding.

In designing a solution, Shreyans considered objects in the home environment which users interact with during sleep time, as well as concepts of time and inner reflection.

Shreyans designed and built a bedside lamp that senses user's phone activity and makes them aware of it by gradually transitioning from soothing hues to an uncomfortable, pulsating red color. By doing so it nudges people to keep their phones away as they prepare to sleep. With its form representing an hourglass, the lamp gently blends the concepts of time & phone use.

In addition, Shreyans made speculative devices to put your phone in, to gain access to your food, to help you eat mindfully and without distractions.

Shreyans undertook graduate level user research, and used prototyping, user testing, sketching, 3D printing & electronics to make his designs.

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