Convenience Unfolded

Feb 2020, Pune · For Health

Can medicine packaging be designed to seem less clinical?
Can a convenient kit be designed with minimum additional material?
How to direct users in taking two tablets at a time as required?
How can dosage info be conveyed along with the packaging?

P&G asked Shreyans to develop an innovative new packaging for its Neurobion drug pack. Our research found consumer pain points such as not knowing whether to take one or two tablets of this over-the-counter drug.

Drug packaging is known to have a typical aesthetic, which can lead to it being perceived as a commodity. Where as there is a lot of room for innovation and problem solving that goes deeper than just the surface.

Shreyans designed a blister pack that conviniently unfolds when needed. The blister pack has cut notches to fit into the paper jacket without needing glue. The blister cavities are formed to lock-in when the kit is closed. The blister cavities are grouped in twos to gently guide the user in taking both the tablets, which is the intended dosage for this over-the-counter drug.

This foldable pack design arrived through a process involving ideation, prototyping and user testing. It's on its way to being patented.