How might we caliberate the use of our insistent and demanding devices so as not to let them affect our sleep, psychology and relationships any more?

youtube @ gym, instagram before bed, I use these apps instinctively... I don't know when I am using it

ending the day with netflix in bed turns into an hour, or two, long escapade that I hardly realize. Cuz of which I sleep late and wake up groggy and not well rested...

the excitment of the last thing I saw on instagram or facebook lingers in my mind when I try to sleep.

While with another person, we tend to completely ignore the other and sink into our phones being numb to feeling the physical closeness...

Enlighten is a bedside lamp that tracks, with your permission, your phone use over time and gradually changes it's LED colors from soothing mint green to pulsating red after prolonged user-set usage time.


"I used the Enlighten lamp at my bedside every night for seven days, and I have to say that the auto changing shades of light always made me aware of the amount of my phone use and the passage of time, two things that I was kind of ignortant about earlier, which really affected my sleep" 2020 ©