Shreyans is a multidisciplinary designer whose work spans from health to technology and human computer interaction. He is equipped with meaningful experience in designing digital interfaces for companies as well as mass users through the App Store.

His undergraduate background in electrical engineering, environmental and space science, has given him an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. His natural creativeness and desire to apply engineering and science to problems, through user centered design, has drawn him to industrial design.

Shreyans' design process is being shaped by his time at the Rhode Island School of Design where he is pursuing a Masters in Industrial Design.

Shreyans' CV

2 College Street, Providence, RI 02903

'Colour My World' is a unique solution for colouring and drawing on your device. Unlike other apps, this app offers much more than a blank canvas. Kids can draw directly on images of real objects or trace dotted canvas, giving them helpful guidelines for what to draw, how to draw, and which colours to use. Kids will love it; its tried and tested.


Unlike other apps, 'Color My World' is Photoshop designed for kids. Features like drawing on image layers and adjusting transparency are professional level tools, created for children. These do not appear in the above displayed apps. Moreover, they do an inadequate job in helping children imagine the things to draw and the colors to use. From my search, 'Colour My World' is the only app that has a collection of real world images and themes to help incite creativity for drawing.


Planning, UI sketching and storyboarding

App development using Xcode

Iterative testing and publish

UI sketching and implementation planning.
Layers allow users to draw directly on the image, and preserve stroke color opacity.
User testing to spot bugs and improve interaction design. Guidelines as to what to draw (object image), how to draw it (object shape) and which colors to use made the activity engaging.