Is there an App for that?

Jun 2017, Pune & Providence, RI

How to build apps for a better lifestyle, learning and increased creativity?
Why design must be blended with engineering to produce marvelous interfaces?
How a small seed of your idea turns into a useful service for people everyday?

Shreyans designed, developed and published seven iOS apps, on a sprint, in five months. This work gave him a practical deep dive into interaction design, technology evolution and quickly building solutions for people.

Shreyans' interface design work revolves around education, largely influenced by his experience with helping his five year old nephew read and write, and to learn about the world around him. This helped him churn out other apps previously thought not possible to produce by him.

App Store - 'Write - For Kids' allows children to comprehensively practice writing alphabets and numbers on an iPhone or iPad. A keen focus on children's usability, clean interface design, and an emphasis on essential tools sets this app apart. It aims to facilitate children to practice writing anywhere at anytime.

App Store - 'Colour My World' is a unique solution for colouring and drawing on your device. Unlike other apps, this app offers much more than a blank canvas. Kids can draw directly on images of real objects or trace dotted canvas, giving them helpful guidelines for what to draw, how to draw, and which colours to use. Kids will love it; its tried and tested.

App Store - 'Solar Journey' takes you on a fascinating virtual tour of our solar system's extraordinary planets. The user interface is carefully designed to guide the viewer in learning about the characteristics of planets, their key parameters, and viewing high resolution images where available.

App Store - 'Interactive Nature' takes you on a virtual stroll through our environment. The user interface is carefully designed to guide the user in learning about the governing systems of nature, their interdependent roles, and their continuing alteration due to human activities.

App Store - In today's world where hatred and bigotry still exists, people must be confronted with information that changes their views on topics that they are prejudiced about. 'Humane' aims to eliminate prejudices in people and prove that all humans are capable of meaningfully contributing to society.

App Store - 'Karmic Reflection' aims to help you understand karma, and apply karmic principles in your daily life. It is a practical guide to identifying positivity and negativity of your thoughts, words, and actions. Carefully tailored responses identify the meaning of your choices in the context of the spiritual principle of Karma.

App Store - 'Parks of India' is your gateway to discover the most beautiful national parks of India. For travellers seeking to know about which national park to visit, which activities are offered, and where to set up camp, this app has them covered.

Equipped only with a goal of making great app services for people, Shreyans learned to storyboard, design and code iOS apps and get them shipped, each within a month.