Design that Destigmatises

Jun 2016, Providence, RI

Why stigma got attached to hearing aids, tools just like eyeglasses?
Why are they not fashionable, desireable and enamored too?
Can hearing aids boost user's pride and confidence?

In his research Shreyans found that the displeasing physical form of hearing aids has allowed stigma to be attached to a disability. Such a useful object can be reframed to empower the wearer, and help redefine social stereotypes.

For inspiration, Shreyans considered eyeglasses and what fashion has meant in that product segment. Likewise, jewellery & wearable devices very also considered for their form, function, emotion they impute.

In a total contrast to hearing aids out there, Shreyans' design not only radically reshapes the product itself, but conceptually challenges how such a product should look, feel and project to society. Its aspirational, radical and full of verve.

Shreyans' sketches convey his ideas with greater detail and functional substance. This prototype resulted in detailed renders, which were viewed by real users, who loved the concept and innovative form.