Designer, Engineer, Environmentalist

I am a versatile creative person. By craft, I am an industrial designer & computer engineer. This unusual combination frees me to deftly flutter between decisions about form & function. While grounded in product design discipline, I often finds myself using various faculties of design to ideate, make & communicate. This has resulted in a diverse range of projects & abilities.

Product designers have to be assertive in proposing solutions. They have to be ready to take the heat, defend their ideas and work with others to produce unique and compelling work. I believe creativity comes from quieter, more sensitive people who constantly learn and observe, which is key to good design—Shreyans Bhandari.

Quotes that sing to me...

"The intersection of technology and liberal arts is what makes our hearts sing."

—Steve Jobs

"Don't die with the music still in you."

—Wayne Dyer 2020 ©