Shreyans is a versatile creative person. By craft, he is an industrial designer & computer engineer. This unusual combination frees him to deftly flutter between decisions about form & function.

While grounded in product design discipline, he often finds himself using various faculties of design to ideate, make & communicate. This has resulted in a diverse range of projects & abilities. more

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Is there an App for that?
Jun 2017, Pune & Providence, RI

User interfaces that are easy to use can be quite hard to construct. Interaction design, color and type choices, and knowing how apps function are some of the things Shreyans learned on his own to produce seven iOS apps that are used worldwide everyday.

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Convenience Unfolded
Feb 2020, Pune

Packaging design that goes beyond mere cosmetic changes can tranform the product and how it's used. Such is the case with this design that Shreyans produced for Procter & Gamble's over-the-counter drug.

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A Bedside Intervention
May 2019, Providence, RI

What is the psychology of our phone use? Are we using technology or is technology consuming us? How it affects our routines including sleep? Being a technologist, Shreyans explored the larger context of his interests, and created a body of research to answer these questions, and to design products that create healthier relationships with humans.

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From Vexing to Vogue
May 2018, Providence, RI

One can hide them in their medicine cabinet, have them lying around in the house and even forget to take them on time. Why are medicines difficult to manage? Is there a better way? Shreyans applies technology & design to these gnarly problems, and proposes an alternative.

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When Technology Meets Design
Apr 2018, Providence, RI

Carrying medicines around with you has never been more convenient until now. A sleek, compack case with the smarts of a human care-giver can transform the dosage experience from onerous to trouble free & delightful.

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Design that Destigmatises
Jun 2016, Providence, RI

Why isn't there a fashion statement that goes along with a hearing aid as opposed to eye-glasses? Shreyans explores the stigma that gets attached to hearing aids and inquires whether the perception can be radically changed through form.

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A Karmic Perspective
Sep 2016, Pune

We live in intersting times. Our fast paced lives allow little time to reflect on our bodies & minds. The people you meet, the conversations you have and the thoughts you create exude vast amounts of positivity, negativity and shades in between. To help you be mindful, Shreyans created an app to help you probe your thoughts, words & actions.

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Virtual Experience for Paper Company
Jan 2017, Pune ·

A website that represents a paper products company's uniqueness, quality and values. Shreyans built LotusBoard's brand identity attributes including the logo and this website, complete with a box customization simulator tool.

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Seamless Customization
Jun 2018, Pune ·

Every company hopes to connect directly with the customer, to know their needs and deliver customization features that wow the end consumer. In building this cake base selection and ordering tool, Shreyans undertook extensive user research and built-in business operational intelligence.

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Redefining Identity
Sep 2018, Providence, RI

Transforming the image of a company while retaining its brand recall elements can be a tricky task. Shreyans attempts to redefine the identity of his favourite brand Amul by deeply considering its history, values and design elements.

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Health & Sanitation for rural India
Apr 2018, Providence, RI

While urban India has grown socio-economically with better healthcare, the rural areas have remained 20 years behind. Unavailability of basic sanitation and hygiene provisions has resulted in spread of preventable diseases. Shreyans explores ways to make basic amenities child-centered and culturally relevant for rural India.